Emily Vasica

Episode #102

You won’t believe the life story of Emily Vasica.  Today, Emily is the mother of four beautiful kids and married to her sweet husband of almost 20 years.  Emily grew up with an amazing family and had the good things this world had to offer.  Her story sounds so sweet and lovely, right? But what you don’t see at first glance… is her husband use to be her drug dealer and addiction was a big part of her teenage years.  Addiction also went into the first 8 years of her marriage where her little family really struggled to survive to stay together. Today, however, even though her story isn’t finished, she feels she can show others to never give up, that It’s never too late, and big awful things can be overcome! We just have to make the hard choice to fight for ourselves!  Tune in and be blown away by Emily’s story. 

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