Amy Chandler

Episode #228


Amy Chandler is one of the BEST people you will ever meet.  Amy is an entrepreneur at heart with varying interests in helping people become active agents in their stories. 

Amy is the founder of a nonprofit, My Story Matters, and the CEO of My Hero Journey, a character education and empowerment curriculum company.  Her greatest passion is people! First and foremost, her family, with whom she loves engaging in life.  She loves meeting people all over the world and getting to know, learn from and share their stories. 

It is Amy’s mission to help others find THEIR mission and learn how to bless the world with it. “Chasing and achieving our dreams can and should be done in every phase of life!”  You are never too young or too old to decide you will be the hero of YOUR story and you can use that story to bless all within your influence.

Amy and her Rockstar husband have the privilege of raising 4 beautiful children.  When I look at Amy, I see amazing!  Click the link in my bio, you will absolutely love her story!


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