Scott Wilhelm

Episode #241

Meet Scott Wilhelm, sinner turned saint. From panhandling on the side of a highway off-ramp, to detox, treatment, and bible college in a matter of 6 months.

Scott, with a decade and a half in active addiction, tells us how he went from heavy heroin addiction to speaking in churches, schools, and jails; sharing his message of hope and strength.

He now has 6 years of continuous sobriety. He was born and raised one hour north of Toronto; where he has been blessed with two beautiful children and a loving supporting wife. He’s now the owner of a successful pool installation company.

Scotts hopes are that his story can help to show how addiction is a progressive disease. How choices he made in high school and his early 20’s snowballed into 15 years of pain, loss, and complete isolation from everyone he loved.

He’s now turned that pain into his story of recovery by building a solid foundation through faith in God, a 12-step recovery, and living a life of integrity.  



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