Leslie Weirich

Episode #243

Leslie Weirich is a suicide prevention advocate warrior!  On September 10th, 2016, Leslie and her husband awoke to the doorbell ringing and the news that their 20-year-old-son, Austin, had taken his life.  It was the moment that changed everything.  

Because of the unique circumstances surrounding her story, it would eventually capture the attention of national news. The response they received made her realize that her story was meant to be told.  She states, “It has the power to save young lives and spare other parents the devastating loss we experienced.”  

Telling her story about Austin to save others is what gets her up and going every single day.  It’s her passion and it has become her life’s work. Leslie left her career as a successful financial recruiter and now speaks to thousands of people across the country about suicide prevention –sharing her story and giving practical tools to build resilience.  In addition to traveling and speaking, she works as a Suicide Prevention Specialist for the community mental health center serving two local counties, where she is transforming suicide prevention in schools.

She often tells people that she will never stop grieving her son Austin.  She will never stop tearing up when she tells his story.  But she will tell it over and over again because it’s saving lives –and that gives her tremendous hope. 

You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, or read articles on her Media page at www.leslieshope.org.  You will cry, your mind and heart will expand, and you will be inspired by Leslie’s passion to help bring awareness to suicide prevention.   


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