Roger & Ashley Bedsole

Episode #246

Ashley and Roger Bedsole have an unbelievable story of redemption and overcoming addiction together – they both share the same sobriety birthday.  Two years after they were married, they were introduced to substances that would send them into an 8-year downward spiral of active addiction.  They hid their problem from their family and friends.  They eventually came clean and agreed to attend rehab- with one request.  They wanted to go to rehab together. 

Roger is a firefighter and has been in the fire service for almost 30 years.  Ashley has been a stay-at-home mom for almost 12 years where she homeschools her 2 oldest boys while chasing around two toddlers every day.  

Ashley started a blog in 2021, focused on addiction and recovery.  Her personal journey has given her unique insight on recovering with a partner and her mission is to help as many families as she can navigate early recovery.  She wants people to realize that recovery is NOT one size fits all.  What works for you, be it with a partner or not, is okay.  We all recover differently and she wants to break the stigma that surrounds couples and spouses.  It IS possible.  If you want it bad enough, anything is possible.

Ashley and Roger live in North Carolina with their four children and are doing great.  Tune in and listen to their amazing story of redemption.  


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