Savvy Jardine

Episode #254

Savvy Jardine is equally as fabulous as she is kind and loving. She has a passion for helping others to feel good on the inside and out!  Although she comes from the small town of Aurora, Utah, she has always been highly driven and ambitious. From the time that she was crowned as Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen and was invited on the set of Good Things Utah, she knew it was something that she wanted to do! 

In the meantime, she cheered for 4 years at Utah Valley University and left there with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. She married the love of her life in 2020 and they adventured to Hawaii for the next year! She took on many roles in Hawaii and supported her husband while he was playing basketball and getting his master’s degree at the University of Hawaii. 

Upon returning to the mainland in 2021, she applied for an opening as a producer of none other than Good Things Utah. With a deeper sense of self-worth and newfound confidence in what she has to offer, she was offered the position and is currently striving to make a positive impact on the show. 

In today’s episode, Savvy dives into the different aspects that make up our identity. She hopes to help listeners see the gift they already are, not in what they ‘do’ but in who they have always been. Savvy will inspire the audience to own their power from within and step into who they were meant to be. 


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