Christy Chavez & Nicole Apedaile

Episode #268

Christy Chavez and her daughter Nicole Apedaile will blow you away with how they handle adversity!  Christy is the mother of a 27-year-old 43-month recovering heroin addict.  She is very passionate about addiction recovery and recently completed my certification to be an Addiction Recovery Coach.  Christy is passionate about sharing her amazing story, highlighting the importance of a great support system, living through addiction as a family, and helping to end the stigma associated with addiction.  No one should suffer In silence.  

Nicole Apedaile is active support for her brother who is a recovering heroin addict.  She is very passionate about sharing the importance and part support /family play in addiction and the recovery process.  She is currently going to school to become a therapist to aid those struggling with an addiction.  Nicole’s attitude is one we should all strive for, for she emulates greatness.  

You are going to be inspired by their amazing story!


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