Chris Mirabile

Episode #269

As a serial entrepreneur, brain tumor survivor, and the youngest winner of NYU Stern’s business plan competition, Chris Mirabile is known for beating the odds. Chris’s success hit early with Hotlist, a startup that acquired nearly a quarter-billion people’s social plans and caught the interest of both Google and Facebook. But when another business’s underhanded dealings bankrupted his company and an apartment break-in left him virtually penniless, Chris dropped from the high life to rock bottom.

Chris became a self-proclaimed “citizen scientist,” researching and experimenting with supplements, diet, and exercise to find the secret to living a long, healthy life.  Chris founded NOVOS, the first nutraceutical company that targets the nine mechanisms of aging to increase longevity.

Tune in to listen to Chris’s incredible life of overcoming adversity to now making the world a better place.   


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