Chalese Stevens

Episode #272

Chalese Stevens strength to move forward in life and be a force for good will blow your mind.  Chalese faced every mother’s worst nightmare in June of 2004. She lost her four-year-old son when he drowned in a water park swimming pool. From that day forward, her life transformed into a journey of healing her mind, body, and soul. This grieving mother has been able to face her deep loss by turning her story into the raw and vulnerable pages of her book, Finding 40: A Mother’s Walk with Grief.  She now takes the lessons she has learned throughout her life to help others along their own personal path through her writings, speaking engagements, and energy healing.  

Chalese has been blessed with two more beautiful children, an amazing fiancé, and a bonus daughter, and she is constantly creating memories. She also runs a nonprofit organization helping kids with congenital heart disease and writes children’s books as a way of keeping her boy’s legacy alive. She is a light to many with her big heart, infectious laugh, and passion for living her life today, for she knows that tomorrow is never a guarantee.


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