Dani Shaw

Episode #274

Dani Shaw is on a mission to support kids in developing positive pathways early, for a confident future! Dani has 10 years of experience as a special education teacher in elementary school, and through her own personal struggles with self-doubt and life experiences, she realized that kids today are in need of the different types of education; education in belief systems, self-confidence, and most importantly, self-love! 

Dani’s goal is to empower kids to recognize their innate value and the power with which that influences their lives!” Dani is one of the only Mindset Coaches for Children in the country.  She is great at building trust and amazing at connecting with children.  If you have a child who is struggling, she is the one you need.  

Tune in and you will be motivated and moved by her passion to help others, especially children, be their best.  


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