Randi Neal

Episode #275

Randi Neal has overcome some of the most difficult situations a person can go through and her story of triumph will blow your mind.  You would never believe that Randi was arrested for selling drugs, meth addict for 5 years, a 2-time felon, homeless for 2 years, and had daily thoughts of ending her life.  She would have never thought her first drink would be able to numb the pain the way it did and start her path of destruction.  

Growing up, Randi was a dancer, drill team member for 3 years, and graduated from Weber State Magna cum laude.  She now dedicates her life to her beautiful children and helping others.  Randi is a future Trauma and Recovery Coach, Mental Health Advocate, and a light that shines bright with all she comes in contact with.  You are going to love Randi!


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