Lacey Swenson

Episode #278

Lacey Swenson is a beautiful soul who makes this world a much better place.  You wouldn’t believe that Lacey was sexually abused as a child because her light shines so bright now.  Going through some of the most difficult trials as a child, she had thoughts that she will never survive.  Thanks to a friend that stepped in, the nightmare stopped.  

Lacey is a diet Dr. Pepper addict and past surrogate. NASM certified personal trainer. Mental Health Advocate and Mentor, helping you to become a new you again (on ya). Zyia Activewear Ambassador and dealer, hooking you up with only the best -one sports bra at a time. 

Lacey is here to share her stumbles and triumphs, but don’t worry, she’ll make you laugh along the way. Lacey is proof that the human soul is unstoppable and she will give you hope to overcome the difficulties you are facing.  She is a walking miracle!  


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