Cherice Ells

Episode #280

Cherice Nicole Ells has been through difficulties that would cause most of us to quit. Not Cherice!  She now holds her head high and shines bright for the whole world to witness.  Cherice is a daughter, granddaughter, co-parent, mother, and wife. She is an administrator for the non-profit Beyond Addiction Mosaic (B.A.M), an advocate for the unsheltered and addicted community, and the facility manager at Wasatch Recovery. She is also an addict in active recovery, with a former triple felony conviction and recently celebrated over 1,000 days sober.

Cherice discusses in detail her addiction, going to prison, being homeless, living in her car, and dealing and selling drugs on a daily basis.  She soon realized that failure was no longer an option. She landed a job in November of 2020 at Wasatch Recovery and quickly became a leader amongst her peers. She worked diligently to complete her court-ordered 200 hours of community service working with people in addiction and recovery. These opportunities helped her to find her passion — helping others find joy, happiness, and life through healing, sobriety, and self-care.

Cherice’s story will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you that anything is possible.  You are going to love her!


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