Megan Smart-Relf

Episode #290

Megan Smart-Relf is one of a kind and brightens up every room she walks into.  With 5 siblings all at least 12 years older than her, she grew up rather quickly, while also keeping her parents young. At a young age, she endured several trials that she feels helped shape her and start her on the path toward her career in mental health. 

She played soccer and ended her career at the collegiate level. She graduated with her bachelor’s in psychology, with a certificate of applied positive psychology from the University of Utah. She then quickly jumped into the Social Work program at UVU during which she endured a miscarriage, experienced a pregnancy, and welcomed her firstborn all while still managing to graduate top of her class and as president of her cohort. 

She deeply values the love, connection, and relationships she has with those around her, especially her husband, Devin, and new daughter! 

Megan has always had a passion for jumping into the trenches with others who are struggling, helping them see their true worth and value, and walking alongside them as they find their way to fulfillment and success. Megan finds joy in the work she gets to do with her clients as a clinical therapist at Wasatch Recovery. She believes that true happiness stems from real, authentic connection that is ultimately found in being vulnerable and continually showing up for and as yourself! 


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