Casdon Jardine

Episode #292

Casdon Jardine is never satisfied and is always looking for the most out of life. He is a big dreamer and a hard worker. His greatest achievements aren’t his Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees, not his years of basketball, but the foundation that he and now his wife have built and are building to have a family that is centered on the things that truly matter most!

Casdon has dedicated the majority of his life to the game of basketball and always loved the grind of working to be the best he could be. From a state championship in high school to playing for three different D1 universities, basketball was a tool in helping him to believe in himself and that he can do anything.

He served a two-year LDS mission in the Brazil Fortaleza East Mission.  Casdon takes challenges head-on and can be overly analytical in situations that sometimes require more empathy and feeling… he’s working on that though! 

While playing at UVU and before transferring to the University of Hawaii, Casdon met his amazing wife, Savvy Jardine (who has also been on the Beliefcast).  The simplest way to put it is that they are the dream team.  You are really going to enjoy his story.  


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