Brian Slade

Episode #298

Brian Slade is a living example of what a real hero is and he sat down and shared his incredible life with us.  As you may already be aware statistically, at least one and three people experience a significant trauma in their life and those stats are even higher in the veteran community. Statistics state as high as 3 out of every 4 vets.

Brian’s book is a War Story… yes… But it is much more than that. “Cleared Hot” offers you an exhilarating ride, while giving you powerful leadership tools as well as techniques you can use to survive the traumas or obstacles in your own life whether you are military or not.

Retired General Petraeus said this is “A TRULY GREAT BOOK! Cleared Hot is intense, compelling, instructive, humorous, and brutally forthright. It is also truly inspirational.”

In an effort to further Brian’s mission to reach and help as many people as possible, I would like to invite you to team up with me by ordering his book today. When you love it (I am confident that you will) please share it with your family and friends. Together we can make an impact.

You can order here👇 

You are going to love Brian!  Thank you in advance

(P.S. check out this badass trailer)


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