Jenedy Paige

Episode #312

Jenedy Paige has overcome one of the most difficult tragedies a mom could ever endure.  Her faith and resilience shows all of us we can do anything.  Jenedy was born with two God-given gifts: she’s an early riser and she’s consistent. She’s used her natural abilities to become a professional oil painter and an American Ninja Warrior athlete. She believes we all have a divine spark that makes us capable of achieving anything as long as we’re willing to work hard for it. She is the biggest fan of her alma mater, BYU-Idaho, and credits herself as the “product of a great art education.” 

She is a wife, a mother, a teacher, a runner, and her mom says she struggles with being able to relax. When she’s not in her studio or the gym, she loves to be in her kitchen, creating delicious healthy food for her family. She thanks God every day for carefully leading her down a path she could have never imagined for herself.

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Instagram: @jenedypaige

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Linkedin: Jenedy Paige

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