Mary Crafts

Episode #316

“What would I do today if I were no longer afraid?”  Mary Crafts conquers fears on a daily basis and has a 100%, all-in zest for life!  As the founder of Culinary Crafts, Utah’s largest off-premise catering company and 21-time winner of Best Of State.  Mary’s involvement in community non-profits, business networks, and education has put her in the spotlight as one of Utah’s most influential women. 

In October of 2022 with the release of her book, “Unbounded, From Sorrow to Summit”, Mary has added author to her list of accomplishments.  Mary is thrilled to share her hard-won life lessons with others, as only she can—with her insatiable zest for life and heartfelt badass attitude. 

You can listen now to Mary share her amazing story! 


You can connect with Mary here:


Instagram: @marycrafts

Facebook: Mary Crafts
Linkedin: Mary Crafts

Podcast: “Crafting a Meaningful Life”

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