Courtney Rich - Vulnerability

Episode #319

Courtney Rich is one of the strongest women I have ever met.  We sit down again to discuss the struggles with anxiety, depression, and the power of vulnerability.  

Courtney Rich says “cake changed my life.”  Courtney Rich is a self-taught baker who has exploded on the Instagram scene with now well over 500K followers. Courtney spent 13 years in broadcast journalism and media consulting, which has helped her expertly take her baking passion to the masses. She hosts online cake courses; teaches at Orson Gygi; posts tutorials on YouTube; has been featured on The Today Show, Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Kelly Clarkson Show; and even launched a line of cake decorating tools, aprons, and sweatshirts. For Rich, life is what you cake it.

Courtney is the mother of two amazing kids and she is married to her best friend. You will be blown away by her life story and will love how vulnerable she gets with me on this episode.  The woman who loves cake but loves people more, tune in, it will make your day.  

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