Weston & Kelly Clark

Episode #324

Kelly Clark’s story will inspire the drive in you to not only face your trial but overcome it. She is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who spent three decades battling the disease of addiction, plagued by the effects of mental illness and addiction. Eventually, she descended into homelessness and prostitution.


In 2016, after finding faith in Jesus Christ and entering a twelve-step recovery, Kelly’s life of tragedy and despair transformed into one that overflowed with purpose and hope. She is a published author, public speaker, podcast co-host, and social media influencer. Kelly has dedicated her life to sharing the reality of hope with those who continue to suffer from the devastating impact of addiction.


Weston Clark has one of the biggest comeback stories you’ll ever hear. He was addicted to drugs for years and was living a life of darkness and regret, with a belief that he was not good enough and that happiness was always out of his reach. However, things have changed for Weston. He is now a light that shines so bright and knows that he is an amazing soul. His story will blow you away.


The greater the darkness, the greater the light! Tune in and be uplifted by Kelly and Weston’s courageous stories. You and your family are going to love them and be overwhelmed with gratitude for their vulnerability. Enjoy!


You can connect with Weston & Kelly here:

Facebook: Kelly Clark, Weston Clark 

IG:  @westonloveslife81

IG:  @thefailthseed



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