Karyn Ferran

Episode #329

Karyn Ferran is an exceptional individual with a strong passion for influencing others. With over 17 years of experience working with young people, Karyn is a Health and Wellness Expert, as well as a business and leadership enthusiast.

She holds a degree in Health and Wellness from Brigham Young University, along with a Masters in Educational Leadership and a Master’s of Business Administration.

Karyn’s primary focus is on equipping youth with essential life skills, providing them with a solid foundation to navigate their personal lives and pursue meaningful goals. Her expertise has been recognized through features on the Utah morning show and Mind Body Health magazine.

By engaging with Karyn’s message, you will find inspiration in her radiance and be motivated to extend help and love to others on your own journey.


You can connect with Karyn here:

Instagram: @karynferran

LinkedIn: Karyn Ferran   http://linkedin.com/in/karyn-ferran-0814b29b


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