Keith Morey

Episode #330

Keith Morey is an exceptional individual who has triumphed over addiction through a remarkable journey. His story is filled with awe-inspiring moments and miraculous interventions that eventually led him to seek and receive the help he desperately needed. 

Keith obtained his undergraduate degree in English Literature and pursued a master’s degree in public administration at Brigham Young University. With a strong desire to positively impact people’s lives, Keith found his calling as the City Manager of Payson, Utah, immediately after completing his master’s program.

Throughout his career, Keith has made significant contributions to various communities along the Wasatch Front. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the community planning efforts of Daybreak, where he became the inaugural manager. Additionally, Keith served as Chief of Staff for a Congressman from Utah and actively participated in economic development initiatives as the Vice President of Business Development for the Economic Development Corporation of Utah.

Currently, Keith resides in Provo, Utah—the city he cherishes—and holds the positions of Assistant Director of Development Services and the City’s Economic Development Director. His unwavering passion to improve the lives of others and his community is truly admirable, and you are bound to be impressed by Keith’s dedication.


You can connect with Keith here:

Facebook: Keith Morey

IG: @k.morey

LinkedIn: Keith Morey



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