Kate Strong

Episode #333

Kate Strong is an exceptional individual dedicated to empowering you and improving the world. As the founder of My Strong World, she has created a platform to support individuals like yourself in embracing their personal power and reclaiming their greatness. Kate is a healer, shaman, life coach, speaker, self-care guru, and an avid enthusiast of life. Many consider her an expert in Turn On – the art of energizing, fulfilling, and embracing life with excitement.


For the past decade, Kate has wholeheartedly committed herself to experience true vitality and has discovered immense joy and pleasure in living her best life. She has developed her 5 pillars of self-care and crafted a unique method called Turn On Your Life, which has empowered countless individuals worldwide to create lives they eagerly anticipate each day.


Kate is renowned for her ability to guide women in achieving their desires in life, career, and relationships. Prepare to be captivated by her story and find inspiration to enhance your own life.


You can connect with Kate here:

Instagram: @katestrongworld

TikTok: @turnonwithkate

Facebook: My Strong World & Kate Strong


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