Kevin Baker

Episode #339

Kevin Baker’s story is nothing short of astounding. He embarked on an extraordinary journey, traversing a path less traveled. From a life of affluence as a high-achieving financial services wholesaler, he plummeted into the depths of opiate addiction, leaving his family and himself financially destitute.

In a lapse of moral and ethical judgment, Kevin committed not one, but two bank robberies. His actions led to his arrest in February 2016 by the Connecticut State Police’s Major Crimes Unit. Subsequently, he was convicted of these bank heists, resulting in dual 7-year prison sentences.

During his incarceration, Kevin initiated a profound period of self-reflection. He delved into the circumstances that had culminated in the staggering collapse of a once-promising life. Through rigorous introspection and the support of truly remarkable individuals, he dedicated his prison term to reshaping his trajectory. He immersed himself in learning, reading, and self-discovery, recognizing the brilliance that life can offer with the right outlook.

Having reemerged into society, Kevin now stands as a messenger. His experience illustrates how mastering the power of a positive perspective can serve as the ultimate defense against darkness in our lives.


You can connect with Kevin here:

IG:  kevinbakerpresents



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