Becky Kemp

Episode #340

Becky Kemp encapsulates it perfectly: “YOU are meant for Joy, and WORDS matter.” As a certified life coach, mentor, and motivational speaker, Becky embodies this fundamental truth through her transformative concept called the “Word Effect.” Beyond this, she serves as a body mapping and trauma-informed breathwork facilitator. This unique blend allows individuals to tap into the therapeutic and artistic potential of language, equipping them to realign their body, mind, and spirit when life takes unexpected turns.

Becky’s eloquence and inspiration revolve around the profound impact of words. She spearheads The Word Effect podcast and is soon to release her debut book titled “The Word Effect: 7 Simple Words To Create Your Most Beautiful Life,” later this year.

Prepare to be captivated by Becky’s genuine passion for aiding others. Embark on a journey to uncover the formidable influence of altering even one simple word at a time.


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