Kathryn Jarrett

Episode #347

Kathryn Jarrett serves as an inspiring role model within the recovery community, demonstrating that overcoming adversity is possible for all. Her primary focus lies in destigmatizing recovery conversations, instilling hope, and empowering others to seek assistance when needed.

Kathryn is the Founder of “A Pretty Balance,” where she serves as a breakthrough branding coach.  In addition to her coaching achievements, Kathryn stands out as a top 1% income earner and elite leader in her network marketing company. 

Kathryn also created “The Pretty Balance Project,” a podcast series amplifying the voices of women who have triumphed over adversity and leveraged their experiences to attain success in life and business. 

Notably, Kathryn is a passionate advocate for recovery from alcoholism, and she’s making a profound impact by helping countless women discover and harness their inner strength to achieve greater balance and success in both their personal lives and businesses. She aptly terms this journey “A Pretty Balance.”


You can connect with Kathryn here:

IG:  aprettybalance


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