Nate Randle

Episode #348

Nate Randle is the genuine article, and his openness about the challenges he faced, including the loss of his parents and being raised by his hero, is truly inspiring. As the CEO of Gabb Wireless, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the nation’s leading kid-safe tech company.

Throughout his career, Nate has held influential leadership positions at major companies such as Nike, Callaway Golf, Qualtrics, and the Utah Jazz. He initially joined Gabb in June 2021 as the CMO and assumed the role of CEO in November 2021.

Beyond his professional achievements, Nate is a devoted husband and father of four, and he places the highest importance on people and family. This family-centric focus seamlessly aligns with his leadership at Gabb, where safeguarding children and fostering stronger family connections are fundamental components of the company’s mission.

Tune in and let your heart be touched by Nate and the way he lives his life.


You can connect with Nate here:

IG:  nate.randle

IG:  gabbwireless



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