Manny Lopez

Episode #364

Witness the incredible transformation of Manny Lopez, a true testament to the power of resilience and redemption!  From a turbulent past spent in foster care, gangs, and prison, Manny has emerged as a walking miracle, dedicating his life to making a positive impact on the world.

Battling through adversity, Manny made the courageous decision to leave his gang, facing physical challenges on the prison yard. However, this marked the turning point in his life, as he discovered a newfound spiritual and emotional strength.

Today, Manny is not just a survivor but a thriving force for good. As a Recovery Coach, Mentor, and clinical Mental Health Intern, he passionately works with at-risk youth and individuals battling addiction. Manny advocates for recovery through a principle-centered, compassionate approach, demonstrating the transformative power of love and resilience.

Join Manny as he shares profound lessons on overcoming despair and embracing life with a loving heart. His journey serves as an inspiration for us all, proving that redemption is possible, and positive change can emerge from even the darkest of circumstances.


You can connect with Manny here:

IG:  sl_manny_boy

TikTok:  sl_manny_boy

LinkedIn:  Manny Lopez

FB:  Manny Mysti Lopez

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