Lori Allred

Episode #369

Raised in Lake Powell, AZ, Lori Allred’s entrepreneurial spirit has fueled her journey. With 5 children and 5 grandchildren, she’s the force behind a Salon Suites in Colorado, empowering 23 independent professionals. Amidst the pandemic, she spearheaded a transformative summit for teens. From real estate to personal development, Lori’s ventures reflect her unwavering drive.

At 19, she launched her first business while supporting her husband’s medical education. Homeschooling her kids, she instilled values of personal growth and entrepreneurship. In the face of adversity, including chronic illness, she remains resilient. Lori finds solace in pickleball, fitness, and the serenity of Lake Powell.

Tune in to Lori’s inspiring journey and witness her unwavering dedication to excellence for herself, her family, and others.


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