Christy Jex Gerlach

Episode #371

Christy Jex Gerlach’s journey through life’s challenges has been a swamp of struggles: marital strife, health issues, divorce, faith confusion, and the turmoil of shared custody. But from this swamp, she’s drawn resilience, turning her heartbreak into a source of hope for others.

Despite life’s trials, Christy has found her stride. She’s on a deep spiritual journey, discovering Divine presence amid her own pain. In a new marriage, she savors moments with her kids and thrives in her business.

Through it all, she’s a symbol of perseverance, showing the power of growth amidst chaos. Christy shares practical tools for finding peace and joy even in life’s messiness, cultivating healing and radiance. Her latest project, the Radiant Peace Collective, offers a sanctuary for transformation, harnessing these tools in a nurturing space. Join her on this journey to embrace growth and find peace amid life’s chaos.


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