Daniel Gil

Episode #381

Get ready to be inspired by a true warrior on and off the obstacle course, ‘The Kingdom Ninja,’ Daniel Gil!

As a motivational speaker and author, Daniel has conquered American Ninja Warrior and the realms of mental and spiritual well-being. With nine seasons as a national finalist, he embodies resilience, determination, and unwavering faith.

Daniel’s journey is about empowering others to overcome their obstacles. In his book ‘Kingdom Ninja: A Warrior’s Guide to Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Health,’ he shares invaluable lessons on holistic wellness. As a devoted husband and new father, his commitment to family values shines through.

Despite setbacks, Daniel’s spirit remains unbroken. Last season, he nearly seized victory on Mt. Midoriyama, climbing a 75-foot rope in under 30 seconds, missing the million-dollar prize by the narrowest margin.

True champions rise stronger. With American Ninja Warrior Season 16 ahead, Daniel returns to Mt. Midoriyama with unwavering faith and determination, ready to rewrite his legacy.

Join us as we explore the heart and mind of ‘The Kingdom Ninja.’ Be inspired to conquer your own challenges.  You are going to really enjoy and love Daniel Gil!


You can connect with Daniel here:

IG:  @kingdom_ninja @ninjawarrior


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