Roxanne Bennett

Episode #383

Meet Roxanne Bennett!  The co-creator of the Pinners conference. Pinners Conference is an exhilarating event where creativity knows no bounds.  It’s an immersive experience filled with hands-on classes, captivating demonstrations, and the best shopping Utah has to offer. With over 120 classes and 400+ businesses, it’s a paradise for DIY lovers, makers, and shopping enthusiasts alike.

As a passionate business owner, Roxanne thrives on seeing other businesses succeed. At Bennett Events, she creates unforgettable events and trade shows that connect you face-to-face with your ideal clients.  When I’m not orchestrating connections, she wear many hats: Mom of 4, loving wife, and proud grandma. Family fuels her drive and creativity!

You are going to love Roxanne’s story and be inspired by her drive to create and make the world a better place.


Connect with Roxanne here:

IG: @roxbennett

IG:  @pinnersconf



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