I am RECOVERED! Beginning this very moment, I declare, I am RECOVERED! I know I have been taught in the past that this was always out of my reach, and that is no longer the case – it is now in my grasp! I do not live inside a fairytale! Now that I have this, I will never let it go! For I understand that what I say and believe dictates my behavior. My behavior will be proof of the story I tell myself! The recovery culture tells me a hundred reasons to convince me to stay sick, but I will give a thousand DEFINITIVE reasons in return of the universal fact that I am whole. I was born with a HEART of a lion and I choose to stop living as a mouse, quiet and afraid to stand up and shout this TRUTH.

I am RECOVERED! No longer will I allow the self-built prison of irrational beliefs to keep me in the dark, I will let the WONDERFUL light of truth shine through. Nothing can stop the desire of my heart, and once I make the DECISION, the whole universe will conspire to make it happen! The self-pity mindset that once had power over me has been crushed by the purifying waters of SELF-LOVE – the antidote that purifies all!

I am RECOVERED! I will use my thoughts to build up heavenly mansions of love, joy, and peace. Just as a child learns to walk in order to take on the world, I will walk the MAJESTIC stairway to nirvana. In the past I lived my life as an apology, now I CHOOSE to live my life as a statement! A wise man once said, if you SPEAK it, you create it. So, speak it I do!

I am RECOVERED! I am powerful beyond measure! I am a masterful creator! I have the dignity to choose! Choice is the ULTIMATE POWER because every time I choose, I create and, in that process, I am very powerful! One of the GREATEST laws of the Universe is, believe it and you will receive it. My Belief is the fuel that lights the path of my life and all those who come into contact with me, they feel EMPOWERED! I am a creator and therefore I create with the words I speak and think. The land does not care, it will return exactly what I choose to plant. If I plant corn, it will give me corn. If I plant nightshade, it will give me poison. I understand that my mind works the same way. Therefore, I plant the seed of truth!

I am RECOVERED! If I want to be…Give it away. This principle is known by All MASTERS and to become a Master I must be willing to SACRIFICE all. If I want happiness, I must give away happiness, if I want love, I must give away love, and if I want to inspire others, I teach them the truth that I am RECOVERED

I am RECOVERED! James Allen was quoted saying, “The man who gets up early in order to think and plan, that he may weigh and consider and forecast, will always MANIFEST greater skill and success in his particular pursuit than the man who lies in bed till the last moment, and only gets up just in time to begin breakfast.” So, I will POP out of bed early like a piece of toast and declare to God and the Universe that I am love, light, CLEAN, strong, energetic, and full of life. A declaration of who I AM