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The You're Okay Course

Learn the 5 principles that will show you how to empower yourself through changing your belief systems.

Motivational Speeches for recovering addicts
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What you’ll learn in this course

Principle 01

My Background

– The Power Of Our 

– A Promise: What You Focus On Increases

Principle 01

Principle #1
10 To The 80th Power

– You Are A Miracle

Principle 01

Principle #2
Who Are You

– How Long Should It take A Baby To 

– Love, Light, & Energy

Principle 01

Principle #3
Home Run

– Kwaku Story

– Moneyball Story

– Personal Story

Principle 01

Principle #4
The Greatest Truth

– Prison and Detention Examples

Principle 01

Principle #5
Give It Away

– Lemonade Stand

– The Most Powerful Weapon

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