AJ Hunt

Episode #159

AJ Hunt use to say, “Why am I not going to end my life today?” Now, AJ is just a regular guy with an empowering message of hope. After being paralyzed in a car accident in 2014 and struggling with suicidal thoughts for years, AJ has emerged with a new perspective of hope and peace: we are not our circumstances. This year AJ teamed up with a videographer to share his message as broadly as possible, raising $1.4k to promote the video on Facebook. So far their efforts have reached over 100,000 people across the US. AJ grew up in Washington State, moving to Utah in 2011 to attend BYU.  He works as a contracted media buyer, helping his clients grow their eCommerce businesses. Tune in to hear AJ’s amazing story of love, confidence, and hope.  

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