Courtney Anderson

Episode #245

Courtney Anderson is one of the most caring and resilient individuals I have ever met.  Courtney is a graduate of Brigham Young University, proud wife & mother to her “miracle baby” Sofia, a retired competitive pianist, host of the Glow Boss Podcast, inspiring mentor, and Founder/CEO of Spa Trouve, a full-service med spa with 5 locations in Utah. 

Courtney discovered her passion for the med spa industry when she started her med spa back in 2011, and with some help from some very special people, and a lot of hard work, grit, and passion, she’s been able to expand her brand across the state.

Courtney believes that the things that you are passionate about are not random, but they are your calling. This belief has carried through many difficult experiences as a business owner and has kept her propelling forward.  Courtney also believes in the power of teamwork and finds the most joy in her work when she is growing, developing, and empowering others.

She is grateful to have had this opportunity to be on the Beliefcast with @tsinspires. Thank you, Todd!  Tune in, you are going to love her!


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