Gina Lombardi & Laura Kaeppeler

Episode #251

Gina Lambardi and Laura Kaeppeler are two of the most genuine, kind, loving people you will ever meet.  The moment you hear their voices you will instantly love them.  Their passion to make a difference in this world will set your soul on fire.  Gina and Laura are also two of the most accomplished people making a huge impact on the lives of thousands.  They are the creators of the award-winning Health Interrupted Podcast.  

Gina Lombardi is a celebrated personal trainer, media personality, inspirational speaker, author, TV show host, and podcaster. With over 60,000 hours of one-on-one, personal coaching, including many high-profile celebrities and entertainment executives, and nearly 30 years of media coverage, Gina is one of the most sought-after wellness experts around the globe. She is known for her integrity, heart, and unique ability to present the truth about health and fitness and offer realistic and attainable solutions.

Laura Kaeppeler is a former Miss America and nationally known performer, inspirational speaker, proud Midwesterner, and tireless advocate for at-risk youth.  In 2012, Laura became the 86th woman to be named Miss America and the second from the state of Wisconsin. In this role, Laura proudly traveled the nation as the Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and worked with The United States Military and the USO.

These beautiful souls are going to make your day!  Click the link in my bio and enjoy listening to how they live amazing lives.  


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