Colby & McKenzie Bauer

Episode #266

Colby and McKenzie Bauer are two of the most real, authentic, and brilliant people I’ve met.  Colby and Mckenzie are the founders of Thread Wallets, a company redefining the way you carry “you”, and making you look damn good doing it.  They also have created the Carry On Foundation which enables youth to take care of their mental health through participation in action sports and outdoor recreation.

Colby, (we missed you, McKenzie,) shares his incredible journey of being a CEO, father, and husband, and dealing with his family struggling with addiction as a child.  His vulnerability will connect you with him and your emotions.  You will feel better after hearing his strength to carry on despite the challenges he has had to face in his life.  He also discusses his admiration of his wife McKenzie’s passion, strength, and courage to do things out of the box.   

You are going to love this episode and be supported for your passion for progress, your reason for being, and your individuality.  Colby and Mckenzie are an example of true greatness!  

PS:  Thread Wallets is now an honored sponsor of the Beliefcast!  So excited to have them on my team! 


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