Ava Liv Mabry

Episode #267

Ava Liv Mabry’s faith and confidence will bring joy to your soul and love to your heart!   Ava Liv is a 15-year-old singer/songwriter bent on loving the people that listen to her music.  Her influences range from gospel to R&B to country.  Her music fearlessly celebrates family, heartbreak, change, and God. 

Ava Liv is not afraid to fail and being a superstar gospel and pop singer / songwriter she has a soft spot for just about any human. Mark Mabry is a photographer, author, songwriter, and Ava’s dad. Together they live with Ava’s mom, Tara, and her three brothers near Nashville, Tennessee.  They are all beautiful examples of believing in your dreams and doing what it takes to make them happen.  

Ava Liv is going to make your day!  Ava lives in Franklin, TN with her parents and brothers. She records in Nashville and attends Berklee College of Music online.  Ava Liv frequently practices live and gets to know her audience.  


You can connect with Ava here:

@avalivsmusic on Instagram, and tiktok

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