Jared Miller

Episode #328

Jared Miller is an exceptional individual dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction. He was living his dreams until life took a drastic turn. Within a few years, he endured the loss of his father and brother, and his wife asked for a divorce.


During this period of profound loss, Jared found himself resorting to the abuse of prescribed pain medications as a desperate means of coping. This downward spiral eventually led to a severe heroin addiction that plagued him for years. Homelessness, shame, isolation, and suicidal thoughts became his everyday reality.


However, with the grace of God, Jared sought help, achieved sobriety, and embarked on a path of long-term recovery. Within his initial two years of recovery, he faced a crucial decision—to remain burdened by shame or to embrace and share his story in the hope of inspiring others.


Today, Jared Miller serves as a Certified Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor (CASUDC) at Utah’s largest treatment center. He shares his personal journey through educational lectures at public schools, community events, and recovery banquets. Moreover, he hosts a podcast and local radio show called “We Do Recover with Jared Miller.” By engaging with his message, you will be inspired by his radiance and motivated to extend love and support to others throughout your own journey.


You can connect with Jared here:

Email: jaredroymiller@gmail.com

Phone: 801-498-0030

Instagram:  wedorecoverwithjaredmiller


Upcoming Events:

‘Talent In The Park’ on June 3rd at the Ogden Amphitheater 


‘A Recovery Concert’ on June 4th in St. George, UT



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