Big Budah

Episode #282

You probably have seen Big Budah on TV for almost 2 decades as the first Samoan Feature Reporter in Utah on the live mainstream news. Most people recognize him for his all-natural positive energy and genuine excitement but he has battled after battled, searching for years to find a way to smile through the dark clouds of his mind. 

He has appeared in some feature movies like the RM & Forever Strong. He has opened as a stand-up comedian for Aries Spears, Bill Bellamy, and Tracy Morgan to name a few, but you know him because he has been a part of Utah’s media landscape for the last 20 years, and he’s not done. 

Currently, he is serving as Executive Director for his non-profit Budahful Mind Foundation and sharing his story of survival and his message of prevention and self-love & care.  Because of this struggle, Big Budah wants to help others who are suffering from depression, anxiety, or any mental health issue.  He has a heart of gold and his energy will inspire you to love and believe in yourself.

You will love Big Budah’s heart-wrenching story.


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