DannY Deaton & Smith Alley

Episode #297

Danny Deaton and Smith Alley, these two powerhouses sat down with me to discuss an amazing program they have created – Raising Kids in Combat.

Danny is a certified interventionist and owner of Living Proof Recovery Services.  As a 13-year recovering addict Danny uses his expertise and knowledge to assist families and individuals plan and supporting a complete path to recovery.  His passion is helping families have success where they have failed in the past. 

Smith Alley was exposed to pornography at a young age and struggled with that for 5 years as well as the harmful effects that social media had on my mental health. After deciding to change the course of his life, he fell in love with helping other people.

You are going to love these guys!  If you want to participate in this program, use this link below with the promotional code TODD50 for HALF off – what a big discount!  


Your family needs this life-changing program.  


You can connect with Smith and Danny here:





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