Portia Louder

Episode #308

Portia Louder and her vulnerability will leave you speechless.  Portia started her career as a photographer and built a company documenting weddings in Utah and surrounding states. Portia began investing in real estate in 2004, was indicted for mortgage fraud in 2011, and was incarcerated in 2015. Portia speaks openly about her mistakes and what it took to move past them.  

Portia is an addict in recovery, a birth mom, and spent 4.5 years in federal prison. She recently published a memoir called “Living Louder” A Compassionate Journey Through Federal Prison which teaches empowerment skills to incarcerated individuals, and at-risk youth. Portia is a board member of The Sobriety Foundation and helps provide housing scholarships to the underprivileged.


You can connect with Portia here:

Website: https://portialouder.com/

Instagram: @portialouder

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/portiawilcox.louder

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