Allyson Roberts

Episode #334

Allyson Roberts, the Founder of Unapologetic Power, LLC and author of The Spiritual Journey, is a remarkable individual whose heart-wrenching story will leave you breathless.

At the tender age of 19, Allyson found herself pregnant and living in her car, overwhelmed by feelings of loss, fear, and isolation. It was during this challenging time that she stumbled upon the writings of Napoleon Hill, which opened her eyes to the power of spiritual guidance. This discovery changed everything for her. Though uncertain about her own survival and that of her unborn child, she realized that by transforming her mindset, she had the ability to turn her life around.

Today, Allyson’s accomplishments have earned her recognition from Feedspot, a Forbes affiliate, as one of the “100 Top Coaches in the World.” Through intimate one-on-one conversations and speaking engagements at live events, she draws upon her training to help individuals overcome trauma, childhood issues, struggles with self-worth, and more. In her sessions, she combines her professional training, innate gifts, and strategic life coaching experience to guide people from diverse backgrounds toward their unique purpose.


Allyson’s story serves as a powerful reminder that we can conquer any adversity and make a significant impact in this world. 


You can connect with Allyson here:

Instagram:  allysonroberts_ 



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