Sarah Foley

Episode #335

Sarah Foley is a young woman who is determined to pursue her dreams and overcome her own obstacles along the way. From a young age, she felt a strong desire to be in front of an audience, although she didn’t have much to share at the time. What she truly enjoys is the uplifting feeling she experiences when she witnesses others shining brightly.

In 2012, Sarah’s life took a dramatic turn. While riding ATVs with her boyfriend, whom she had been dating for six months, she veered off the trail and had a series of devastating accidents. The incident resulted in a broken back and instant paralysis from the ribcage down. Sarah couldn’t believe what had happened and optimistically thought she would eventually walk out of the hospital. Unfortunately, her body did not regain any sensation or function below her ribcage, and she had to face the reality of her situation when she was discharged.

For the next four years, Sarah fought desperately to maintain her strength, but deep down, she was emotionally crumbling in private. Despite constantly being labeled as an inspiration by those around her, she simply aimed to make it through each day without succumbing to tears.

Join us as we delve into Sarah’s incredible journey of transforming tragedy into her own superpower. Prepare to be inspired by her resilience and the extraordinary way she embraces life.


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Insta: @verticalblonde verticalblonde

Linkedin: Sarah Foley

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