Jake Bodine

Episode #360

Jake Bodine is a man on a mission, and his partner is God!  Jake is the creator of God Behind Bars and the mission is to Introduce inmates to Jesus and connect them to the local church.  I am telling you that if you want to feel love just watch one of their videos and your day will be made.  Since 2009, God Behind Bars has partnered with ministries across the country to transform the lives of inmates and their families by introducing them to Jesus and connecting them with a local church.

It’s a simple fact that less than 15% of inmates are serving life sentences, and up to as many as 90% of all incarcerated individuals will be released back to society at some point. 75% of those released will return to prison within three years. God Behind Bars addresses this drastic recidivism problem with a unique approach that focuses on the spiritual, physical, and relational needs of inmates and their families.

Jake, having battled through life’s trials, found strength in wrestling with God. This journey led him to a mission: aiding the most unchurched in the U.S.  Jake stops at nothing to grant every inmate direct access to the Gospel, fostering growth, healing, breaking addictions, and empowering them to embrace their calling.  A force of nature, Jake’s mission brings lost souls back to themselves. Don’t miss his inspiring story on this episode!


Connect with Jake & God Behind Bars here:

Web:  www.godbehindbars.com/

IG:  @godbehindbars

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/company/godbehindbars/

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