Dave Durocher

Episode #377

Dave Durocher is back!  A beacon of authenticity and honesty. From a troubled past to transforming lives, Dave’s journey is a testament to the power of truth. Arrested at 13, he faced a lifetime behind bars until a pivotal opportunity at Delancey Street changed everything. Instead of prison, he embraced redemption, rising to lead and inspire. Now, as Executive Director of The Other Side Academy, Dave continues his mission, offering a path to self-respect and a future free from the shadows of the past.

Prepare to be blown away by Dave’s passion to make a difference. Join him on his journey to redemption


You can connect with Dave here:

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/david.durocher.71

Web:  https://www.theothersideacademy.com/

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-durocher-772b60132/


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