Jodi Pettit

Episode #88

Jodi Pettit!  What an amazing story and what an amazing person!  At the age of 19, she was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. At the time a Rheumatologist advised Jodi to not have children.  The doctor stated that her disease was severe and that having children she couldn’t care for was selfish and irresponsible.  At a critical point in her disease, she was in so much pain that she consulted several doctors to ask them to cut her feet off. Jodi had this crazy idea that if she trained for and ran a marathon it would speed up the damage and she could achieve two goals, running a marathon and losing her feet. But instead, she accidentally found the secret to her success.  Jodi has now ran 8 marathons, countless half’s, a Full Ironman, a handful of Half Ironman’s and XTERRA off-road triathlon qualifying for and racing in their World Championship race in Maui in 2018.  Tune in and listen to how she chooses to live an amazing life!

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