Linda Sorensen

Episode #337

Linda Sorensen is a multifaceted individual—a wife, a mom, a devout follower of Jesus, an adoptee, a skilled pianist, and a talented vocalist. She firmly believes that despite life’s challenges and struggles, God has the power to transform us beyond our wildest imagination. Throughout her journey, Linda has faced battles with depression, loneliness, family conflicts, heartbreak, rejection, and moments where she felt disconnected from her faith. Despite these hardships, she has emerged stronger, having undergone a healing process that led her to discover her true identity and recognize the positive impact she can make in the world.


Her story is profoundly moving and serves as a testament that we all possess the strength to conquer any adversity. Linda’s experiences will touch your heart and leave you feeling inspired. You’ll come to realize that, with determination and faith, you too can overcome anything life throws your way. Prepare to be captivated by her journey—Linda’s story is one you’ll undoubtedly love!


You can connect with Linda here:

Instagram: @lindalouhoo77

Facebook: Linda Sorensen



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