Rob Eastman

Episode #345

Today marks the exciting book launch of my dear friend, Rob Eastman’s, book titled ‘Warrior in the Garden.’ I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have Rob in my life as a friend. He’s been a guest on my show numerous times, and his presence always leaves you feeling enriched.

Growing up in a conservative society, Rob faced the challenges of grappling with ADHD, which made him a target for bullying from teachers, peers, and even church leaders. While sports provided an outlet for his high energy, off the field, Rob turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his pain and anxiety. Before becoming a father, his life took a downward spiral, forcing him to confront a stark choice: either succumb to despair or seek treatment. The question loomed: could Rob find the strength to confront his pain and move forward with courage? What would it take for him to transform into a true warrior in the garden?

Rob is a remarkable individual who wears many hats, including that of an entrepreneur, author, life coach, gym owner, emergency suicide hotline operator, and motivational speaker. 

Tune in and prepare to be inspired by Rob’s unwavering determination to overcome life’s trials. His life serves as a shining example for us all, urging us to live with purpose and extend a helping hand to others. You’re in for a treat as you get to know Rob.

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